How to Access iMessage Online on Windows PC ? – Step By Step Guide

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These days iMessage has become one of the most wanted application for iOS and Android users both. The users of this application are increasing rapidly because of its advanced features. Now in this article, I am gonna discuss the various methods to access iMessage on PC online. After the successful completion of the download process, you need to access it obviously. So, let us discuss the different ways to do so.

Access Online iMessage on PC with iPadian Simulator


The people who are not using Mac can also access iMessage online on PC with the help of iPadian emulator.

  1. To access online iMessage on windows, download the iPadian emulator first.
  2. After the successful completion of the download procedure, just install the emulator and then launch it.
  3. Just after this step, you could see the app on the dock.
  4. Now just search for the iMessage app and then just install it.

How to Access iMessage Online Directly on Mac PC?

Downloading iMessage online on a Mac computer is not at all a tedious task to do. Well by following a couple of steps, you can easily download this application.

  1. In the iOS device, move to the iTunes option.
  2. Then search the iMessage term.
  3. After the app gets displayed, just install the application.
  4. Now just sign in with your available Apple ID and enjoy the iMessage online application on Mac.

How to Access iMessage Online on PC?

There are generally two methods through which you can access iMessage online Chromebook. Let us see these two methods in detail. The two methods are:

  • Remote Access
  • Jailbreak Your iPhone

Method 1: Chrome Remote Desktop iMessage


How to Access iMessage on Online on Mac Remotely?

This method is considered as one of the best to access the iMessage app online on Windows PCs. For this method, you required at least one iOS device. The next step is to just log in to the iMessage app and then just receive and send messages. By doing so, you can access iMessage on PC online.

Step 1: Well, to connect the different devices, you will require a Chrome Remote Desktop. At first, install the chrome on both the devices. Then let us see the following steps:

Step 2: After installing the chrome extension successfully on both the devices, the very next step is to create a remote connection between the two.

Step 3: To do so, just follow the necessary instructions which will come automatically after starting the procedure.

Step 4: Then from your remote desktop extension on your Mac, get the access code from there.

Step 5: After getting the access code, you can easily connect the required device to your Mac.

A pop-up window will open up where you can send and receive messages. Therefore, this is the above procedure to access iMessage online through remote access.

Method 2: Access iMessage on Online PC by Jailbreak Your iPhone

Access Online iMessage on PC through Jailbraking iPhone


In case, you can’t be able to access iMessage online ChromeBook on Windows with the help of the first method, then this is the last method that you can apply. In this method, you simply need to jailbreak your iOS device. To jailbreak, a device is a legal process. Well, let us see a couple of steps to do so:

  1. The first step is to jailbreak your iOS device.
  2. Then, just install Cydia which is an application to let you install the apps easily.
  3. Then after installing Cydia, do search for an app which is called “remote messages”.
  4. Remote Message is the only paid option that is available. After installing, open the app and move to settings -> remote messages and then enter username and password that you want. Then just verify the authentication process.
  5. The next step is to get the IP address location which is there on your iPhone.
  6. Now moving towards the PC, we need to sort the location of the IP as per the settings of the iPhone. Now the sign-up page will appear where you can use to get into the iPhone and send messages through it.
  7. At last, you just required to enter the desired username and password to access the iMessage online.

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Well, the knowledge shared via this article must have helped you to download and access the iMessage app online on your PC/Laptop. Therefore, share this informative article to help others as well. Thanks for reading.

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