Apple Announces iMessage Enhancements in iOS 14 – Pro Features


iOS 14 will be the pro version announced by Apple with the extraordinary features. With the latest and astounded features added to iMessage, one can experience using that app like a pro. The release of Apple’s products or OS updates etc. always comes with an unexpected set of staggering set of characteristics.

Are you also curious to get to know the enhancements done in iMessage app with iOS 14? Well, let’s discuss its features like smart categorization, pinned messages, inline reply etc. in detail below:

Pinning Conversations

If you want to access the important conversations faster, then this option is for you. Pinning a message will keep you on top of the chat threads. Apple allows you to pin the nine conversations, so choose those 9 beloved hearts that you want to keep first to chat easily with them. Finally, forget the time to dig into the deeper hole to communicate to your beloved ones.

How to do: Tap on that message and swipe left to right a bit. Then you will see the pin button and here you go on to it by tapping it.

New Set of Emojis and Stickers

Who doesn’t love sending the emojis to their friends? People love to express their feelings with others in picturization form. The set of special emojis with face cuts, hair styles etc. will definitely win your heart.

How to do: On your iOS device, open the iMessage app and then tap on the keyboard and then click on the icon of emojis. Now just type the name of the emoji and here the emoji will show up to you.

Mentions Feature in Group

If you want to direct a message, you just need to simply type his/her name. Also, in the vice versa case when somebody mentions you, your name will be the one which gets highlighted.

How to do: Open the iMessage app and move on to the group conversations on your device. Now you will see the input message field where you have to type the name and tap onto it. Now just send a message. That’s it.

Inline Reply

When we are chatting in a group then we can’t be able to message someone personally in a group chat. But with the help of iOS 14 listed features, you can specifically reply to a particular person. Isn’t it amazing? Well let’s see it shortly below:

How to do: Moving the app to the group conversations, just tap on the particular message and hold it for a while and hit reply. Now start communicating with that particular person.

Group Pictures

Furthermore, this feature is about adding images to the groups. Not only this, in fact you can set a custom name and choose an emoji as well. Group customization can also be possible with this iOS 14.

How to do: After clicking to a certain group in your iMessage app, you will notice an info icon over there. After choosing that info icon, tap onto the “change name and photo”. Now, you can easily change the image and add emoticons as well.

Wrapping it Off!!

Therefore, the iOS 14 has probably added the various enhancements which will surely ease the communication process and makes the iMessage app more user friendly. While using the features, if you find any discrepancies, do let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading guys!!

Download iMessage for Android Without Mac – Hassle Free Solution


In This Article Will Cover:

  1. Is there a way to get Apple iMessage on an Android phone?
  2. How do I get an iMessage on Android?
  3. Can you use iMessage on non-Apple phones?
  4. How can someone who has an Android phone use iMessage on their iPad?
  5. How can an Android user use iMessage?
Name: iMessage for Android
Size: 18 MB
Compatibility: Android OS
Language: English – United States
Security: Tested – Virus & Malware Free
Downloads: 1,36,965+

iMessage is well known as a light communication app for iOS users. An instant messaging application which is developed by Apple which supports all kinds of communication variants such as emojis, texts, videos, gifs, pictures, files etc. The only requirement to run this iMessage app is an efficient Wi-Fi connection. To run the iMessage app on Android, one does not need an iOS device. Infact, the usage of right software with the right instructions will enable you to download iMessage on Android as well.

How to Download iMessage on Android via weMessage?

weMessage is a piece of software which comprises two pieces of software one is WeServer which is known as messaging server and the other is for an Android app. With the combination of these two, the iMessage app can possibly be downloaded on Android devices. Now, weMessage is basically for Mac which deals with Apple’s security. The basic requirements are:


  • A running account of iMessage probably for Apple ID.
  • An Android phone and a Mac
  • Java 7 software

Now let us have a look how to install WeMessage app:

How to Configure weMessage on Mac??

  1. Foremost task is the installation of the latest version of Java on your Mac laptop. Once the installation process gets completed, just double check by clicking on to Applications -> Utilities and then launch the terminal app.
  2. After checking Java, if you see some error by clicking on it, then there must be some issue with the latest version or so. Next step is to download the weMessage software on your Mac Laptop.
  3. Now when you click on the weMessage folder, you will find the run.command file. Double click on that file with the intent to launch it on your system. While doing so, if you get an error point, then do click that Apple logo, then move on to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> now tap on Privacy tab and then on Accessibility. Here you are done.
  4. Next task is to unlock the settings. To do so, click on the lock icon which you can find on the bottom left of the screen and now you just need to enter the password.
  5. Next step is to launch the program, for that tap on to the + icon and then navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> then tap on Terminal and then on open.
  6. There you will find the run.command file. Just need to double click on that file to launch the program.
  7. Lastly, Enter your iMessage email ID and password.

How to Set up weMessage on Android??

Step 1: Well, let’s get started. Open your Android device and move on to the Play store. Type weMessage in the search bar and install the app.

Step 2: Next step is to launch the app on your Android Device.

Step 3: While launching the app, it will ask you to allow texts access. Then, just click on the Allow button and then continue.

Step 4: The most important step is that through weMessage we can talk through Mac to Android devices. For that, we need to get the Mac IP address. To do so, navigate to System Preferences -> then to Network -> then Advanced -> Then TCP/IP -> here you go the IP address is there in the IPv4 address field.

Step 5: Now you are required to open the WeMessage app on your Android device and enter the IP address there which you have fetched from Mac.

Step 6: Now you are done. Just need to login into your iMessage account and start sending the messages and do play iMessage games as well.

NOTE: Instead of weMessage, you can also use AirMessage as well.

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How to Download iMessage on Android Without Mac?

Well, to download iMessage directly on Android without the interruption of Mac is quite impossible as Apple provides end to end encryption technique to ensure the security. Millions of users are using this iMessage app because of the security that Apple provides. Since the messages are being sent in encrypted form, Apple decrypts those messages when being received. To download iMessage on Android devices, one needs to go through the Mac.

What are the Alternatives of iMessage on Android?

Let us discuss that apart from iMessage, these days the other options are also available for Android devices. Some of the alternatives are mentioned below:


Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, Facebook Messenger is being used, an alternative to iMessage on Android by many users as it shares some of the similar functionalities that iMessage supports. Also, the messaging features like video call, sending the payments, voice calls etc. makes the usage of this app a lot among the users. Also, it is available for free, so anyone can easily install this app via Play store.

Kik Messenger

One of the popular and renowned messenger app used by millions of users across worldwide where you can add your friends and family with certain usernames. This app also supports video calling, group chatting, bot shop etc. Well, in this app also, the phone number is not required to chat as there it is in iMessage. You can easily access the app via email ID. Likewise you can also play a bundle of games in Kik messenger to kill your free time. One can download Kik Messenger with ease.

Whatsapp Messenger

Who doesn’t know about Whatsapp these days? It is the most widely used application in today’s time. With its amazing features like high quality images, audio calls, video calls etc. many people are using it in most of the countries. But for this application, one needs a phone number to get started. Without a phone number, you won’t be able to use it. The availability of the app is absolutely free and you can easily get it from Play Store itself. Also the features like bio-metric lock, creating own stickers, private replies, deleting messages for everyone etc. has gained the attention of users.

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How Do I get iMessage on my Samsung Android Phone?

Some FAQ’s

Q. Is iMessage Free on Wi-fi?

Yes, iMessage is free and you can send unlimited number of messages, do unlimited voice and video calls. It won’t charge you. Also for international calling you can use this app for free which is really an advantage.

Q. Can you add an Android to an iMessage group chat?

In this scenario, if everyone is using the iPhone devices, then there won’t be much problem. But if there is an Android case, the text messages will be sent in standard text form known as MMS.

Q. Is Apple ever releasing iMessage for Android?

Well, till now there is no update that Apple will release iMessage on Android. Also, in my opinion when Apple is providing end to end encryption, I don’t think it will ever be releasing iMessage for Android in the future.

Wrapping it Up!

Therefore with the help of the above guide, without putting a lot of effort, one can download iMessage on Android devices as well. Just without any worries, finally we have succeeded in installing iMessage for Android. Also, one thing I wanted to mention is that you will require a port forwarding which will enable you to connect to the Android device smoothly. Basically, it will configure your Wi-Fi settings in a way that it will provide you the connection between Mac and Android. Well, if you have any questions, please do comment in the below section. Have a nice day ahead!!

Download iMessage for PC Without Jailbreaking

These days messaging is the easiest way to communicate among people or friends. Also, iMessage for PC is the most preferable way of sharing the messages, audios, and videos on a big screen. When a user sends iMessage from a PC or laptop, he or she can visualize the iMessages on the wider screen. Moreover, the user becomes more excited after hearing Apple’s iMessage for PC service and there is no doubt that their messaging app is amazing. Also, the user can easily download iMessage app for PC. The most pro-founding app i.e. iMessage app is introduced by Apple which consists of awesome features. Now, the problem is for Windows users.

So, to overcome those problems, I will be sharing the procedure to access iMessage online on PC desktop & windows computer as well. There are ample methods to download this awesome application i.e. Apple’s iMessage 2020 for PC as well but there are some methods which I have tried and that worked perfectly fine. Before moving on to the process of downloading steps, let us see the features of this app.

Download Now

Features of iMessage App on PC

No doubt, for Apple users the iMessage app is a boom to them. But now for Windows users also, the iMessage for Windows has become a great option. Also, if we discuss the features, then this app has overwhelmed characteristics due to which it has gained a lot of popularity.

  1. A user can easily share the images and videos along with the messages as well. Also, users can send an unlimited number of videos and images without any hassle.
  2. Secondly, the group chat option is also available. We can easily chat with all our friends simultaneously.
  3. If we talk about the speed of transferring the messages so that is awesome because of which it is known as an instant messaging application.
  4. Also, you will be notified about the message that you have sent is successfully delivered or not.
  5. The typical IM characteristic is also there that one gets to know that the person is typing the message or not.

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Download iPadian iMessage on PC (Without Jailbreak)

Steps to Download iPadian iMessage on PC

For Windows operating system, the official iMessage on PC application is not present there. Well, to access iMessage on PC, just install an iPadian emulator on your PC/Laptop. Let us see the step by step procedure:

Step 1: At first, just download the iPadian emulator from its official website.

Step 2: After the completion of the downloading process, click on the install button to get the application installed.

Step 3: As soon as the completion of the installation process takes place, the overall outlook of the PC changes as similar to MAC. With the look and feel of MAC, you will also find the dock there right in the bottom.

Step 4: The next step is to search for iMessage by typing it in the search box.

Step 5: After you see the iMessage app, just click on the download button, and when the downloading process finishes you will find the iMessage app on your PC as well.

Step 6: Then just find the app by using an iPadian emulator and open the app. Now just run the iMessage on PC and enjoy chatting at free of cost.

Therefore, what a cool and easy procedure is there to get iMessage on PC installed. The advancement in technology had made things possible in every aspect.

Download Now

Download iMessage for PC Using iPhone (With Jailbreaking)

Step 1: The foremost step is to download Cydia and install it on your iPhone device. Also as you know that to install any kind of application, one needs Cydia to be installed there on their device.

Step 2: After the installation process of Cydia, open the app, and find “remote messages”. It is an application that transfers the messages from the iPhone to another device with the help of the remote server. Predominantly the cost of this awesome application with its amazing features is just $4.

Step 3: When the app gets successfully installed then open up the app and go to the settings menu. Then just click on the enable button and create the remote connection by creating the username and password.

Step 4: Now, open the web browser, type the IP address which is shown in remote settings.

Step 5: The last step is to enter the username and password and now you are done. With this, a connection is has been established and you can send an unlimited number of messages.

Note: As you all know that there are lots of iPhone apps that are restricted by Apple. To operate those apps, the iPhone device needs to be jailbreak and get the Cydia application installed in them.

Therefore, with the above-given procedure, the user can use iMessage on PC with the iPhone without any hurdle.

iMessage for PC – FAQS

Q. If iMessage on PC is behaving weirdly or improperly?

Ans: At first, ensure that your device is running the latest OS. This also checks for data connectivity properly.

Q. If iMessage can’t be able to send iMessage from the computer?

Ans: When iMessage can’t be able to send iMessage from PC then check whether in Settings you have enabled the option or not. To do so, go to Settings -> Messages -> Send an SMS and check whether it is enabled or not.

Q. Can I use Bluestacks emulator to install iMessage app on PC?

Ans: No, not at all. Since this is an Apple app, so use an iPadian emulator only. Basically, bluestacks is being use to get Android apps on windows PCs only.

Q. How could I set up iMessage on MAC/Apple device?

Ans: The process is very simple. Just click on the Settings menu first and select the messages option. Then set the iMessage to ON and login on to the app with the Apple ID, then the phone number and email address on which you like to receive iMessages.

Q. How can I disable or stop iMessages on my PC/Laptop?

Ans: In this case, if you are using a Mac machine and you don’t want your iMessages to get linger on your PC, then you can easily disable this option. To perform this task, just go to the preferences menu option and click on Accounts. Then just un-check the “Enable this account” box.

Review – iMessage App for PC

Undoubtedly, iMessage for PC is a popular and awesome application. This application consists of lots of amazing features which even its replica WhatsApp doesn’t have it. Predominantly this application is created for iOS and is an instant messaging application, it has gained millions of users worldwide. From the above tutorial, you can easily download apple iMessage for PC as well as iMessage for MAC users as well either on their PC’s or Laptops.

Can I Use Apple’s iMessage on PC without MAC?


Messenger apps for windows are highly preferred option among the user because of its tremendous features and advantages. When it arrives on iMessage for windows without MAC, everyone likes to enjoy the wonderful features by downloading from the official website. Without any doubt, iMessage is also regarded as the famous choice among users similar to the Facebook iMessage and Whatsapp. If you are a window user then you can consider installing the iMessage service without difficulty by following the below-given steps.

Why You Should Use iMessage on PC?

With the iMessage app, you will get notifications regarding new message so there is no chance for missing any message.

  1. Can easily send videos, photos, GIFs and many more.
  2. Can able to view when people have viewed your messages.
  3. Create groups using your loved ones so that message them whenever you want.
  4. Can include stickers within your conversation.
  5. Forward photos or messages to the people who do not involve in the conversation.

Reasons to Use iMessage App on PC

The iMessage help you facilitate with plenty of features. It is considered to be the most popular messaging scheme among the plenty of users. Here are the specific reasons for using the iMessage app on Laptop.

  1. By using this application you can able to send numerous messages at lower data cost and there is no necessity for downloading the 3rd party application.
  2. The message sending process is performed as quickly as possible.
  3. It possesses wonderful interface with awesome graphics.
  4. Make you enjoy its impressive features for free.
  5. Interact with your dear ones using video, audio or photos.
  6. By having iMessage on PC, you can able to avail delivery reports & other essential information which makes easy and better communication for you.
  7. This app is extremely easy to download & install on your PC.
  8. One can use iMessage app for sending unlimited documents, texts, photos and voice mail.
  9. With help of iMessage on your PC, you can type at extreme speed with broader screen size.
  10. Can be regarded as the excellent application for group chat.

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How to Get iMessage on PC? 

Method 1: By Using Chrome Remote Desktop


The steps to get iMessage on PC by using chrome are given below:

Step 1: First of all, you have to download chrome remote desktop and install it on your PC.

Step 2: After that, click ‘add to chrome extension’ & wait till the downloading process gets completed. After that, install chrome browser.

Step 3: In the browser app, click launch app.

Step 4: On your mac, download host installer.

Step 5: When it is downloaded, install on Mac.

Step 6: Now you can set the password or security pin in order to access another screen of your windows.

Step 7: Go back to your windows & find remote Mac. Enjoy using iMessage for PC.

You have installed iMessage using chrome remote desktop which facilitates you to easily access another computer by means of chrome browser. if you do not own Mac then you can prefer for an emulator or other tools which will help you to get iMessage for your laptop.

Method 2: Use iMessage on PC via Bluestacks


Since iMessage is officially found only for iOS devices so you can make use of bluestacks to install iMessage on your PC easily.

Step 1: First of all, download bluestack emulator on your PC.

Step 2: When it is downloaded, install on the desktop which takes only 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 3: After it is done, run the emulator on your PC.

Step 4: The search box will get appear on the screen. In that, type as iMessage so that you will be directed towards app store page

Step 5: Download the app & set-up iMessage easily.

Method 3: Install iMessage on PC Using iPadian


The PC user must be highly thankful for iPadian emulator because it serves as a great boon for them. The iPadian emulator is found for free of cost and with the help of this emulator, you can easily access all kinds of apps which was limited only for apple users.

Step 1: Visit the official website to get ipadian emulator for windows.

Step 2: After that, download the emulator for free of cost.

Step 3: Install the .exe file on your PC and run the emulator.

Step 4: The windows will appear with a screen showing terms & conditions which you have to accept & continue.

Step 5: When the installation of iPadian emulator has been done successfully, you can launch it on your PC.

Step 6: In the search box, type iMessage app.

Step 7: Once you find the app, download the iMessage for your PC.

This method helps you to get benefit from the extensive features of iMessage app on your PC without MAC. Therefore, users can easily access iMessage for PC without MAC easily with the help of emulators and other significant tools. With installed iMessage, you can easily chat with your friends or family at office or home.


How Do You Play Games in iMessage on iOS 14 and Android?


iMessage refers to the built-in instant messaging service of Apple which helps in sending picture, text, sound, video as well as location to other iMessage users on their Apple watch, Mac, iPad and iPod. Significant updates have also been added by Apple developers in the latest iOS 13 version of their operating system allowing users to engage in iMessage games. Today we are going to discuss in details about “how to play imessage games on iphone” and tips of doing the same.

Steps to Play iMessage Games on Android

Since it is not possible to officially play iMessage games on android, developers have come up with an alternative termed as weMessage which blends in the closed messaging system of iMessage over Android platform. All the iMessage features such as attachments, group chats, notifications, content blocking, Do Not Disturb and many more are supported by the weMessage app.


You can install it in your android device by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First a Java SE Development Kit will have to be installed in your Mac for providing Terminal rights to your server by tweaking your System preference.

Step 2: Next you will be required to download weServer.

Step 3: On opening the ZIP file, you will come across the “run.command” file and you will have to double click on the same for launching weServer.

Step 4: You will next be asked for your iMessage email wherein you will have to provide the mail id linked to your official iMessage account. However, for security purposes, it is advisable to pick a new password.

Step 5: Finally, you will be able to install weMessage in your Android device and sync all your contacts for starting with its text functionality immediately.

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List of iMessages Games you can Download and Play on Android Devices

  1. You can play GamePigeon for Android
  2. StickyMonster
  3. Quiktionary
  4. Four in a row
  5. Cobi Hoops
  6. fastThumbs
  7. Wit- What is this
  8. Checkmate
  9. Mr.Putt and many more.

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Steps to Play iMessage Games on iPhone iOS 13


You can install iMessage games on iOS 13 by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to open the message application and either create a new thread or enter a previously created one.

Step 2: Next you will be required to tap on the “>” icon.

Step 3: In the next step, you will have to click on the square dot icon followed by the Store icon.

Step 4: Now you will be able to download games such as Truth Truth Lie, Polaroid Swing, GamePigeon, Trivia Crack, Words with Friends as well as compatible stickers and apps like Circle Pay and OpenTable – Restaurant Reservations.

Step 5: For playing the iphone iMessage games, you will be required to search for your desired game and tap on Create Game. Once your turn is over, a message will be sent to your friends asking them to take their shot.

Step 6: While engaging in games via iMessage, you can send game-specific messages to your contacts on completing turns.

Step 7: On receiving a gameplay message, the user can tap on the same for opening the game’s interface and taking their turn.

NOTE: It also becomes possible for users to complete entire games without having to leave the iMessage app while they keep on chatting normally with their contacts in between turns. Users can even engage in multiple active games while carrying out a single conversation.


Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you can easily play iMessage games without having any hurdle on iOS and Android. Please comment in the below section if you any problems.

How to Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone With/Without Backup

iMessage app is commonly used by iPhone users who want to communicate with each other. By using an iPhone connected to a network, you could enjoy using the iMessages to voice chat, share photos, locations, contacts, and even links. However, the iMessage takes a lot of space on the iPhone and try to connect with users. Whenever you send messages, unfortunately, you may delete and find troublesome when retrieving it. You might end up deleting the sensitive data so that you could use have made queries.

Moreover, the deleted messages can be retrieved by taking backup or without backup. It is completely spam messages and you could recover it quickly with some queries. It is used to help you retrieve deleted iMessages iPhone no matter whether it is back up or not. But the procedure is simple and thus you could retrieve it later without any troubles.

Ways to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone Without Backup

At first, you can quickly recover the deleted iMessages by using some recovery software. This is used to backup or not backup messages can be retrieved soon. You could see the easy steps that have come with the needed file type and perform multiple selections. Moreover, steps have been listed with recovering options and thus create the perfect solution for deleted messages. Some of the steps are listed below as follows:

  1. From recover from the iOS device, pick needed file type>Message
  2. You can also perform multiple selections
  3. Recover more data from the needed file
  4. Then, scanning is vital and connects your iPhone with the software
  5. You should get almost editions in scanning option
  6. It begins the scan to find iMessages deleted messages
  7. After that, choose iMessage list for previewing
  8. It allows you to see deleted iMessages content
  9. Pick the one you want to restore
  10. Click the recover button
  11. Deleted iMessages will be back soon

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Retrieve Your Deleted iMessages From iPhone With iTunes/iCloud Backups

The iPhone user has an advantage as the devices have come with iTunes and iCloud. iTunes automatically backs up with data and further consideration for the synchronized option. This is capable of connecting with a network and blocked the screen. The steps have been listed and show how to retrieve the iMessages on iPhone from backups.

  1. Choose recovery option from iTunes/iCloud option
  2. Then, navigate to message for subsequent operation
  3. After that, you have to choose the best iTunes backup on your computer
  4. iCloud backups by logging your iCloud account
  5. Search deleted iMessages from the backup
  6. Then, preview the iMessages before restoring
  7. Confirm the messages and hit recover button one folder to store deleted iMessages

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The recovery option for retrieving iMessages is very easy and version to preview your deleted iMessages. In addition to this, the procedures are simple and it could be interfaced with users to retrieve iMessages accordingly. The deleted messages can be retrieved according to the steps and listed with user-friendly data recovery options. It is termed as a free trial so that you could retrieve the deleted messages smoothly.

Complete Guide to Install and Use iMessage on Mac

If we would start leading our lives without the use of technology, we would feel handicapped. Technology has slowly enveloped every part of our life and at this moment, it determines our basic survival rate as well. It not only makes our jobs incredible easy, but it also completes so many difficult tasks for us that it would be impossible to complete without any assistance.

An awesome advancement made in the field of technology is the invention of the smartphone. It has given us the gift of ‘inter-connectivity’ and made staying in touch with anyone in the world very easy. It started as emails and messaging, but after the invention of Android, Windows, and Mac, the boundaries have expanded like never before.

Now, considering an aspect of technology, Apple isn’t just a company, but a cluster of technology in the new age. The iMessage service was brought alive by Apple using the most creative minds of the millennia to enhance communication for its users. As it turns out, many users feel that to operate the iMessage services, one only needs an iPhone but it can be easily managed by other devices as well. You can make use of iMessage on a computer without jailbreak very easily so that it will allow you to keep up with friends and work.

The iMessage service is a communication platform that allows unlimited texting between iPhone users. The messages can be sent and received through the phone’s data connection or WiFi connection. Not just texting, the iMessage allows one to communicate through images, GIFs, videos, stickers and so much more.

How to Download iMessage on Mac?

Here are few easy steps to download and run imessage app on Mac:

Step 1: In order to download iMessage on your Mac, go to the Home Screen and search for ‘messages’.

Step 2: If you check out the top-left corner of your search window, you will find a menu option. The menu option allows you to select ‘messages’ again and then click on ‘preferences’.

Step 3: When you get through that, click on the ‘accounts’ button and then click on ‘iMessage’.

Step 4: Now you just need to sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 5: A screen will come up that will allow you to click on the option of ‘enable this account’. Once that is done, the screen will show the activated iMessage account for your Apple ID with a tick next to it.

Video – iMessage on MAC/iPad Set up Guide

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It might be a bit of hassle to get used to this process if you’re doing it for the first time, but it definitely works. It allows you to get through the iMessage app without having to touch your iPhone at all. Apple initially came out with the iMessage service so that it would be restricted to iPhone users only. But it is nearly impossible to access important files through just a cell phone. Sometimes you require multiple devices, especially if you’re in a professional setting. Using this technique, the iMessage service can be easily operated by your Mac computer at home or at your office.

How to Access iMessage Online on Windows PC ? – Step By Step Guide


These days iMessage has become one of the most wanted application for iOS and Android users both. The users of this application are increasing rapidly because of its advanced features. Now in this article, I am gonna discuss the various methods to access iMessage on PC online. After the successful completion of the download process, you need to access it obviously. So, let us discuss the different ways to do so.

Access Online iMessage on PC with iPadian Simulator


The people who are not using Mac can also access iMessage online on PC with the help of iPadian emulator.

  1. To access online iMessage on windows, download the iPadian emulator first.
  2. After the successful completion of the download procedure, just install the emulator and then launch it.
  3. Just after this step, you could see the app on the dock.
  4. Now just search for the iMessage app and then just install it.

How to Access iMessage Online Directly on Mac PC?

Downloading iMessage online on a Mac computer is not at all a tedious task to do. Well by following a couple of steps, you can easily download this application.

  1. In the iOS device, move to the iTunes option.
  2. Then search the iMessage term.
  3. After the app gets displayed, just install the application.
  4. Now just sign in with your available Apple ID and enjoy the iMessage online application on Mac.

How to Access iMessage Online on PC?

There are generally two methods through which you can access iMessage online Chromebook. Let us see these two methods in detail. The two methods are:

  • Remote Access
  • Jailbreak Your iPhone

Method 1: Chrome Remote Desktop iMessage


How to Access iMessage on Online on Mac Remotely?

This method is considered as one of the best to access the iMessage app online on Windows PCs. For this method, you required at least one iOS device. The next step is to just log in to the iMessage app and then just receive and send messages. By doing so, you can access iMessage on PC online.

Step 1: Well, to connect the different devices, you will require a Chrome Remote Desktop. At first, install the chrome on both the devices. Then let us see the following steps:

Step 2: After installing the chrome extension successfully on both the devices, the very next step is to create a remote connection between the two.

Step 3: To do so, just follow the necessary instructions which will come automatically after starting the procedure.

Step 4: Then from your remote desktop extension on your Mac, get the access code from there.

Step 5: After getting the access code, you can easily connect the required device to your Mac.

A pop-up window will open up where you can send and receive messages. Therefore, this is the above procedure to access iMessage online through remote access.

Method 2: Access iMessage on Online PC by Jailbreak Your iPhone

Access Online iMessage on PC through Jailbraking iPhone


In case, you can’t be able to access iMessage online ChromeBook on Windows with the help of the first method, then this is the last method that you can apply. In this method, you simply need to jailbreak your iOS device. To jailbreak, a device is a legal process. Well, let us see a couple of steps to do so:

  1. The first step is to jailbreak your iOS device.
  2. Then, just install Cydia which is an application to let you install the apps easily.
  3. Then after installing Cydia, do search for an app which is called “remote messages”.
  4. Remote Message is the only paid option that is available. After installing, open the app and move to settings -> remote messages and then enter username and password that you want. Then just verify the authentication process.
  5. The next step is to get the IP address location which is there on your iPhone.
  6. Now moving towards the PC, we need to sort the location of the IP as per the settings of the iPhone. Now the sign-up page will appear where you can use to get into the iPhone and send messages through it.
  7. At last, you just required to enter the desired username and password to access the iMessage online.

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Well, the knowledge shared via this article must have helped you to download and access the iMessage app online on your PC/Laptop. Therefore, share this informative article to help others as well. Thanks for reading.

iMessage Will Not Activate On iOS 13 Beta 1 – Bug Solved


Currently, most of the iOS users also experiencing a lot of problems in the Apple community about iMessage activation, usually, they can face these problems after iOS 13 update. Even most of the users won’t activate iMessage after the iOS 13 public beta on iPhone as well as iOS 13 compatible devices.

Usually, iMessage app will not work with all-new iOS 13 now you can easily diagnose the iMessage by indicators to get free from this problem. In general, iMessage is also waiting for activation in iOS 13. iMessage is not working with a particular contact, normally iMessage Activation takes much time here the straightforward fixing methods available that supports for easy Activation after iOS 13 update.

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iMessage Activation unsuccessful when the iMessage down server then you need to check iMessage System Status. First of all, you need to check, SIM is inserted or not or you need to update your profile. go to the settings app on iPhone and go to Phone and My Number as well as Enter Your cell phone number as well as go back to save.

Check Network Connection

When your iOS 13 iMessage not sending from Phone number then the activate iMessage on Apple ID as an Address. In that case, you need to go to the Settings app and choose Messages as well as choose “Send & Receive then you need to Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

1) First, go to settings then open general

2) Next, click on Reset then choose Reset Network Settings

3) Set Date & Time Automatically

4) After the first step still the iMessage waiting for activation then you must try this trick.

  • Launch Settings and then you need to tap General
  • Then you can find Date and Time
  • After that, you need to enable set automatically as well as check the time zone
  • In general, turning on and off Airplane mode help to solve problems with network connections

5) Update Your Carrier Settings

6) Still, you receive iMessage waiting for activation you must try this trick

  • Go to Settings then you need to open General as well as tap on about
  • After that update the carrier settings

7) Contact Apple Support

  • Selected Carrier support iMessage or activate using request at Career desk, it can be helpful in this situation.

8) Reboot the iPhone by disabling iMessage and Enable the iMessage

You must reboot the device before that you should try to disable iMessage as well as after that restart the iPhone. In order to disable iMessage, you must follow the steps.

  • First, you need to go to Settings as well as tap on Messages
  • After that, you need to turn off iMessage

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Steps To Reboot iPhone

  • First of all, you need to press & release the volume up button
  • Then you need to press & release the volume down key
  • After that press and hold the power button
  • The follow the same steps to enable iMessage

These are the most effective steps that can be highly helpful to activate iMessage successfully.

Try These Few Tips When iMessage Stops Working

IMessage is an amazing messaging application which is currently used by millions of people worldwide. Well, with that there are few problems which can be efficiently solved in minutes and we have discussed a few in detail. We got the query for the below problems which we are sharing the solution. If the iMessage app stops working, then there could be many possibilities behind the reason. Let us have a look at a few of them:

What if Apple’s iMessage Server is Down

If we see the possibility from Apple’s iMessage server point of view, then that means that when the server is down then no one can be able to operate iMessage. But this condition arrives very rarely. Also, if any maintenance services are there, then Apple used to give the intimation with planned maintenance work a few days back only.

Quick Fix

The best thing is that even if the Apple server is down, then also you can easily communicate with your beloved ones via normal texts.

Make Sure that you Have Got a Good Connection

Since Apple’s app i.e. iMessage requires a good 3G or 4G data connection to send the iMessage. Without a good connection, you won’t even send the iMessage to your friends or neighbors.

Quick Fix

What if your data connection is bad? In that case you can try the below things out:

Check for the nearby Wi-Fi if available. Just go to the settings option, then Wi-Fi, and just see whether free Wi-Fi is available or not. If the network is available then just use 3G or 4G and if not, then you can simply select the messages which were not delivered and then send it as text messages.