Can I Use Apple’s iMessage on PC without MAC?

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Messenger apps for windows are highly preferred option among the user because of its tremendous features and advantages. When it arrives on iMessage for windows without MAC, everyone likes to enjoy the wonderful features by downloading from the official website. Without any doubt, iMessage is also regarded as the famous choice among users similar to the Facebook iMessage and Whatsapp. If you are a window user then you can consider installing the iMessage service without difficulty by following the below-given steps.

Why You Should Use iMessage on PC?

With the iMessage app, you will get notifications regarding new message so there is no chance for missing any message.

  1. Can easily send videos, photos, GIFs and many more.
  2. Can able to view when people have viewed your messages.
  3. Create groups using your loved ones so that message them whenever you want.
  4. Can include stickers within your conversation.
  5. Forward photos or messages to the people who do not involve in the conversation.

Reasons to Use iMessage App on PC

The iMessage help you facilitate with plenty of features. It is considered to be the most popular messaging scheme among the plenty of users. Here are the specific reasons for using the iMessage app on Laptop.

  1. By using this application you can able to send numerous messages at lower data cost and there is no necessity for downloading the 3rd party application.
  2. The message sending process is performed as quickly as possible.
  3. It possesses wonderful interface with awesome graphics.
  4. Make you enjoy its impressive features for free.
  5. Interact with your dear ones using video, audio or photos.
  6. By having iMessage on PC, you can able to avail delivery reports & other essential information which makes easy and better communication for you.
  7. This app is extremely easy to download & install on your PC.
  8. One can use iMessage app for sending unlimited documents, texts, photos and voice mail.
  9. With help of iMessage on your PC, you can type at extreme speed with broader screen size.
  10. Can be regarded as the excellent application for group chat.

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How to Get iMessage on PC? 

Method 1: By Using Chrome Remote Desktop


The steps to get iMessage on PC by using chrome are given below:

Step 1: First of all, you have to download chrome remote desktop and install it on your PC.

Step 2: After that, click ‘add to chrome extension’ & wait till the downloading process gets completed. After that, install chrome browser.

Step 3: In the browser app, click launch app.

Step 4: On your mac, download host installer.

Step 5: When it is downloaded, install on Mac.

Step 6: Now you can set the password or security pin in order to access another screen of your windows.

Step 7: Go back to your windows & find remote Mac. Enjoy using iMessage for PC.

You have installed iMessage using chrome remote desktop which facilitates you to easily access another computer by means of chrome browser. if you do not own Mac then you can prefer for an emulator or other tools which will help you to get iMessage for your laptop.

Method 2: Use iMessage on PC via Bluestacks


Since iMessage is officially found only for iOS devices so you can make use of bluestacks to install iMessage on your PC easily.

Step 1: First of all, download bluestack emulator on your PC.

Step 2: When it is downloaded, install on the desktop which takes only 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 3: After it is done, run the emulator on your PC.

Step 4: The search box will get appear on the screen. In that, type as iMessage so that you will be directed towards app store page

Step 5: Download the app & set-up iMessage easily.

Method 3: Install iMessage on PC Using iPadian


The PC user must be highly thankful for iPadian emulator because it serves as a great boon for them. The iPadian emulator is found for free of cost and with the help of this emulator, you can easily access all kinds of apps which was limited only for apple users.

Step 1: Visit the official website to get ipadian emulator for windows.

Step 2: After that, download the emulator for free of cost.

Step 3: Install the .exe file on your PC and run the emulator.

Step 4: The windows will appear with a screen showing terms & conditions which you have to accept & continue.

Step 5: When the installation of iPadian emulator has been done successfully, you can launch it on your PC.

Step 6: In the search box, type iMessage app.

Step 7: Once you find the app, download the iMessage for your PC.

This method helps you to get benefit from the extensive features of iMessage app on your PC without MAC. Therefore, users can easily access iMessage for PC without MAC easily with the help of emulators and other significant tools. With installed iMessage, you can easily chat with your friends or family at office or home.


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