Apple Announces iMessage Enhancements in iOS 14 – Pro Features

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iOS 14 will be the pro version announced by Apple with the extraordinary features. With the latest and astounded features added to iMessage, one can experience using that app like a pro. The release of Apple’s products or OS updates etc. always comes with an unexpected set of staggering set of characteristics.

Are you also curious to get to know the enhancements done in iMessage app with iOS 14? Well, let’s discuss its features like smart categorization, pinned messages, inline reply etc. in detail below:

Pinning Conversations

If you want to access the important conversations faster, then this option is for you. Pinning a message will keep you on top of the chat threads. Apple allows you to pin the nine conversations, so choose those 9 beloved hearts that you want to keep first to chat easily with them. Finally, forget the time to dig into the deeper hole to communicate to your beloved ones.

How to do: Tap on that message and swipe left to right a bit. Then you will see the pin button and here you go on to it by tapping it.

New Set of Emojis and Stickers

Who doesn’t love sending the emojis to their friends? People love to express their feelings with others in picturization form. The set of special emojis with face cuts, hair styles etc. will definitely win your heart.

How to do: On your iOS device, open the iMessage app and then tap on the keyboard and then click on the icon of emojis. Now just type the name of the emoji and here the emoji will show up to you.

Mentions Feature in Group

If you want to direct a message, you just need to simply type his/her name. Also, in the vice versa case when somebody mentions you, your name will be the one which gets highlighted.

How to do: Open the iMessage app and move on to the group conversations on your device. Now you will see the input message field where you have to type the name and tap onto it. Now just send a message. That’s it.

Inline Reply

When we are chatting in a group then we can’t be able to message someone personally in a group chat. But with the help of iOS 14 listed features, you can specifically reply to a particular person. Isn’t it amazing? Well let’s see it shortly below:

How to do: Moving the app to the group conversations, just tap on the particular message and hold it for a while and hit reply. Now start communicating with that particular person.

Group Pictures

Furthermore, this feature is about adding images to the groups. Not only this, in fact you can set a custom name and choose an emoji as well. Group customization can also be possible with this iOS 14.

How to do: After clicking to a certain group in your iMessage app, you will notice an info icon over there. After choosing that info icon, tap onto the “change name and photo”. Now, you can easily change the image and add emoticons as well.

Wrapping it Off!!

Therefore, the iOS 14 has probably added the various enhancements which will surely ease the communication process and makes the iMessage app more user friendly. While using the features, if you find any discrepancies, do let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading guys!!

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