Download iMessage for Android Without Mac – Hassle Free Solution

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  1. Is there a way to get Apple iMessage on an Android phone?
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  4. How can someone who has an Android phone use iMessage on their iPad?
  5. How can an Android user use iMessage?
Name: iMessage for Android
Size: 18 MB
Compatibility: Android OS
Language: English – United States
Security: Tested – Virus & Malware Free
Downloads: 1,36,965+

iMessage is well known as a light communication app for iOS users. An instant messaging application which is developed by Apple which supports all kinds of communication variants such as emojis, texts, videos, gifs, pictures, files etc. The only requirement to run this iMessage app is an efficient Wi-Fi connection. To run the iMessage app on Android, one does not need an iOS device. Infact, the usage of right software with the right instructions will enable you to download iMessage on Android as well.

How to Download iMessage on Android via weMessage?

weMessage is a piece of software which comprises two pieces of software one is WeServer which is known as messaging server and the other is for an Android app. With the combination of these two, the iMessage app can possibly be downloaded on Android devices. Now, weMessage is basically for Mac which deals with Apple’s security. The basic requirements are:


  • A running account of iMessage probably for Apple ID.
  • An Android phone and a Mac
  • Java 7 software

Now let us have a look how to install WeMessage app:

How to Configure weMessage on Mac??

  1. Foremost task is the installation of the latest version of Java on your Mac laptop. Once the installation process gets completed, just double check by clicking on to Applications -> Utilities and then launch the terminal app.
  2. After checking Java, if you see some error by clicking on it, then there must be some issue with the latest version or so. Next step is to download the weMessage software on your Mac Laptop.
  3. Now when you click on the weMessage folder, you will find the run.command file. Double click on that file with the intent to launch it on your system. While doing so, if you get an error point, then do click that Apple logo, then move on to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> now tap on Privacy tab and then on Accessibility. Here you are done.
  4. Next task is to unlock the settings. To do so, click on the lock icon which you can find on the bottom left of the screen and now you just need to enter the password.
  5. Next step is to launch the program, for that tap on to the + icon and then navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> then tap on Terminal and then on open.
  6. There you will find the run.command file. Just need to double click on that file to launch the program.
  7. Lastly, Enter your iMessage email ID and password.

How to Set up weMessage on Android??

Step 1: Well, let’s get started. Open your Android device and move on to the Play store. Type weMessage in the search bar and install the app.

Step 2: Next step is to launch the app on your Android Device.

Step 3: While launching the app, it will ask you to allow texts access. Then, just click on the Allow button and then continue.

Step 4: The most important step is that through weMessage we can talk through Mac to Android devices. For that, we need to get the Mac IP address. To do so, navigate to System Preferences -> then to Network -> then Advanced -> Then TCP/IP -> here you go the IP address is there in the IPv4 address field.

Step 5: Now you are required to open the WeMessage app on your Android device and enter the IP address there which you have fetched from Mac.

Step 6: Now you are done. Just need to login into your iMessage account and start sending the messages and do play iMessage games as well.

NOTE: Instead of weMessage, you can also use AirMessage as well.

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How to Download iMessage on Android Without Mac?

Well, to download iMessage directly on Android without the interruption of Mac is quite impossible as Apple provides end to end encryption technique to ensure the security. Millions of users are using this iMessage app because of the security that Apple provides. Since the messages are being sent in encrypted form, Apple decrypts those messages when being received. To download iMessage on Android devices, one needs to go through the Mac.

What are the Alternatives of iMessage on Android?

Let us discuss that apart from iMessage, these days the other options are also available for Android devices. Some of the alternatives are mentioned below:


Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, Facebook Messenger is being used, an alternative to iMessage on Android by many users as it shares some of the similar functionalities that iMessage supports. Also, the messaging features like video call, sending the payments, voice calls etc. makes the usage of this app a lot among the users. Also, it is available for free, so anyone can easily install this app via Play store.

Kik Messenger

One of the popular and renowned messenger app used by millions of users across worldwide where you can add your friends and family with certain usernames. This app also supports video calling, group chatting, bot shop etc. Well, in this app also, the phone number is not required to chat as there it is in iMessage. You can easily access the app via email ID. Likewise you can also play a bundle of games in Kik messenger to kill your free time. One can download Kik Messenger with ease.

Whatsapp Messenger

Who doesn’t know about Whatsapp these days? It is the most widely used application in today’s time. With its amazing features like high quality images, audio calls, video calls etc. many people are using it in most of the countries. But for this application, one needs a phone number to get started. Without a phone number, you won’t be able to use it. The availability of the app is absolutely free and you can easily get it from Play Store itself. Also the features like bio-metric lock, creating own stickers, private replies, deleting messages for everyone etc. has gained the attention of users.

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Some FAQ’s

Q. Is iMessage Free on Wi-fi?

Yes, iMessage is free and you can send unlimited number of messages, do unlimited voice and video calls. It won’t charge you. Also for international calling you can use this app for free which is really an advantage.

Q. Can you add an Android to an iMessage group chat?

In this scenario, if everyone is using the iPhone devices, then there won’t be much problem. But if there is an Android case, the text messages will be sent in standard text form known as MMS.

Q. Is Apple ever releasing iMessage for Android?

Well, till now there is no update that Apple will release iMessage on Android. Also, in my opinion when Apple is providing end to end encryption, I don’t think it will ever be releasing iMessage for Android in the future.

Wrapping it Up!

Therefore with the help of the above guide, without putting a lot of effort, one can download iMessage on Android devices as well. Just without any worries, finally we have succeeded in installing iMessage for Android. Also, one thing I wanted to mention is that you will require a port forwarding which will enable you to connect to the Android device smoothly. Basically, it will configure your Wi-Fi settings in a way that it will provide you the connection between Mac and Android. Well, if you have any questions, please do comment in the below section. Have a nice day ahead!!

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