Complete Guide to Install and Use iMessage on Mac

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If we would start leading our lives without the use of technology, we would feel handicapped. Technology has slowly enveloped every part of our life and at this moment, it determines our basic survival rate as well. It not only makes our jobs incredible easy, but it also completes so many difficult tasks for us that it would be impossible to complete without any assistance.

An awesome advancement made in the field of technology is the invention of the smartphone. It has given us the gift of ‘inter-connectivity’ and made staying in touch with anyone in the world very easy. It started as emails and messaging, but after the invention of Android, Windows, and Mac, the boundaries have expanded like never before.

Now, considering an aspect of technology, Apple isn’t just a company, but a cluster of technology in the new age. The iMessage service was brought alive by Apple using the most creative minds of the millennia to enhance communication for its users. As it turns out, many users feel that to operate the iMessage services, one only needs an iPhone but it can be easily managed by other devices as well. You can make use of iMessage on a computer without jailbreak very easily so that it will allow you to keep up with friends and work.

The iMessage service is a communication platform that allows unlimited texting between iPhone users. The messages can be sent and received through the phone’s data connection or WiFi connection. Not just texting, the iMessage allows one to communicate through images, GIFs, videos, stickers and so much more.

How to Download iMessage on Mac?

Here are few easy steps to download and run imessage app on Mac:

Step 1: In order to download iMessage on your Mac, go to the Home Screen and search for ‘messages’.

Step 2: If you check out the top-left corner of your search window, you will find a menu option. The menu option allows you to select ‘messages’ again and then click on ‘preferences’.

Step 3: When you get through that, click on the ‘accounts’ button and then click on ‘iMessage’.

Step 4: Now you just need to sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 5: A screen will come up that will allow you to click on the option of ‘enable this account’. Once that is done, the screen will show the activated iMessage account for your Apple ID with a tick next to it.

Video – iMessage on MAC/iPad Set up Guide

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It might be a bit of hassle to get used to this process if you’re doing it for the first time, but it definitely works. It allows you to get through the iMessage app without having to touch your iPhone at all. Apple initially came out with the iMessage service so that it would be restricted to iPhone users only. But it is nearly impossible to access important files through just a cell phone. Sometimes you require multiple devices, especially if you’re in a professional setting. Using this technique, the iMessage service can be easily operated by your Mac computer at home or at your office.

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